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Common Defects of Copper Turbine

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Common Defects of Copper Turbine

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1. Sand hole: There are holes filled with moulding sand on the surface or inside of the copper worm wheel.

  2. Cold isolation: cracks that occur when metal flows are butted or overlapped but not fused;

  3. Insufficient pouring: The copper worm gear lacks meat because the metal liquid is not fully filled with the cavity.

  4. Deformation: Due to shrinkage stress, the shape and size of the copper worm gear caused by cracking do not conform to the drawings.

  5. Burrs: Spike-like metal protrusions on the surface of copper worm gears often appear in the cracks in the shape or core, and their shapes are extremely irregular.

  6. Porosity: The main factors leading to the blowhole of the valve body copper worm gear are the large amount of gas produced by the sand core, the dry drying, the poor exhaust capacity of the sand core, the unreasonable process design, the poor quality of iron and the low pouring temperature.

  7. Others include shrinkage, sand washing and sand removal.

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