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Copper Worm Action

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Copper Worm Action

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Copper worm gear transmission principle: Copper worm gear and worm drive is used to cross two axes into 90 degrees, but they are neither parallel nor intersecting with each other. In worm gear transmission, the worm is the active part, and the worm wheel is the passive part.

  Copper worm gear transmission has the following characteristics:

  1) Self-locking

  2) Working smoothly and without noise

  3) Wide range of transmission power

  4) The structure is compact and can obtain a large transmission ratio, the general transmission ratio is 7-80.

  5) The transmission efficiency is low, and the worm gear is often made of non-ferrous metal. The spiral of worm can be divided into single-head and multi-head.

  The calculation of transmission ratio is as follows: I=n1/n2=z/Kn1-worm speed n2-worm speed K-worm head Z-worm gear teeth

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