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Haishan Casting High Quality Copper Castings

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Haishan Casting High Quality Copper Castings

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  Copper castings appear in trachoma and pore in casting process; shrinkage and crack appear in machining process, which is a problem for many of our industries, because argon welding may lead to too hard material to affect the secondary machining of the workpiece, and it may also cause copper castings to be damaged due to too high temperature. This situation is a case of many enterprises. It will choose to recast copper castings in return furnace, which will waste a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. The copper castings produced by our company have solved the above problems.

  Our company introduces advanced production and processing technology from abroad. By means of heat-free surfacing welding and metallurgical bonding for scratches, cracks and defects of products, the integrity of copper castings can be guaranteed. The products can also be strengthened by strengthening functions to achieve wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

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