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Welcome to Dashan Nonferrous Metals

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Welcome to Dashan Nonferrous Metals

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Henan Xinxiang Dashan Nonferrous Metal Foundry is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of copper castings and other series of products. You can order goods directly by filling in the purchase intention and information feedback supported by the website service. Please note that the contents to be noted are as follows:

1. List of goods. According to: (name and quantity of commodity) (name and quantity of commodity)... List the copper castings, copper castings and other commodities you want to buy. If you are not sure what kind of commodities you want to buy, you can also specify the type and price of the commodities you want to buy.

2. Payment method. Please fill in the payment method you wish to adopt or the payment method you can adopt for your choice.

3.Contact information. Please fill in your receiving address in detail. This is the important basis for us to recommend payment and delivery methods. In addition, you also need to tell us your contact number and the corresponding allowable contact time. Thank you.

welcome new and old customers to the website to order a series of copper castings and other products from Sun Shan, Xinxiang. We look forward to your visit and patronage

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