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Dashan Nonferrous Metals, Specialized in Casting High Qualit

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Dashan Nonferrous Metals, Specialized in Casting High Qualit

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 Dashan Nonferrous Metal Foundry is a well-known manufacturer specializing in copper castings. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and other services.

  Our company has the responsibility to fulfill the corresponding responsibilities and obligations, to provide the buyer with the corresponding warranty, replacement, and maintenance services. When the buyer strives for the relevant rights and services from the manufacturer or supplier, it will provide relevant contact and coordination services within the time required by the buyer to assist the buyer in safeguarding its due rights and interests.

  Our company is good at producing copper parts of crusher, and has many years of production, casting and processing experience. It is a professional manufacturer of conical broken copper sleeve in Henan Province. Its products are exported to Australia, Thailand, Britain, Korea, Germany, Russia, the United States, Bulgaria, Tajikistan and other places in China, and are well received. Recognition of large users.

  Dashan looks forward to working with you for mutual benefit and win-win situation

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