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Famous Non-ferrous Metal Foundry Factory

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Famous Non-ferrous Metal Foundry Factory

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Our factory is a well-known non-ferrous metal foundry factory in Central Plains. It mainly deals with copper bushing, copper bushing, copper lining, copper slide plate, copper wire mother, large copper casting, centrifugal copper bushing, flange copper bushing, large bushing, copper bushing, brass bushing, bronze bushing, self-lubricating copper bushing, bearing bushing, conical broken copper bushing, excavator copper bushing, ball bushing. Mill copper sleeve, press copper wire mother, reducer copper worm wheel, press copper sleeve, sliding bearing, crusher copper sleeve, Simmons copper sleeve, Meizuo eccentric copper sleeve, Sandvik copper sleeve, mining equipment copper accessories, mechanical copper accessories and other mechanical equipment non-ferrous metal accessories products. Excellent casting technology and in line with the country The quality of our products has been greatly improved by the standard high-quality materials compared with other manufacturers, which has been affirmed and recognized by the vast number of users. Over the past ten years, our products have been exported to Australia, Thailand, Britain, Korea, Germany, Russia, the United States, Bulgaria, Tajikistan and other places in China, and have been widely used. Household approval. The manufacturer has established a good cooperative relationship.

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