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Prospect Analysis of Copper Castings

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Prospect Analysis of Copper Castings

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Copper processing industry defines copper processing products as copper and copper-based alloy products. Copper and copper-based alloys have attributes that allow them to be used in many fields. Copper has good machinability, high conductivity and thermal conductivity, desirable strength and good corrosion resistance. Copper-based alloys are based on copper behavior and are melted by adding tin, zinc and nickel to assist metals, indulging in the machinability and function of copper. Copper-based alloys have high conductivity and thermal conductivity, physical properties and easy processing.

Copper processing products are widely used. There are many downstream industries involved in copper processing industry. Among them, the industries that use more copper include electric power and power transmission and distribution equipment, household appliances, electronic letters, architectural decoration and other industries. The increase of product output in these industries will be due to the increased demand for copper processing products, so it is related to copper processing industry. I am intimate.

Copper processing industry is an important sector of the national economy. Copper and copper alloys, as the first metal materials used in human history, are widely used in household appliances, electric power, automobiles, construction, electronic instruments, national defense, transportation, marine engineering and other industries. Driven by downstream demand, China's copper processing industry has been growing steadily in recent years. The output of the industry has gradually increased, and it has become a major producer of copper materials in the world.

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