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Classification of Copper Castings

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Classification of Copper Castings

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According to its chemical composition, copper castings can be divided into four categories: pure copper, bronze, brass and white copper. According to their functions, copper castings can be divided into two categories: general use and special use. According to its chemical composition, copper alloys can be divided into pure copper, bronze, brass and white copper. According to their functions, they can be divided into general and special uses. Casting aluminium is based on pure aluminium with other metal or non-metal elements. It can not only maintain the basic properties of pure aluminium, but also make aluminium alloy have good comprehensive properties due to alloying and heat treatment. Aluminum and its alloys occupy an important position in industry and are widely used in military, industrial, agricultural, transportation and other fields.


Copper castings play a huge potential role in the development of modern technology. Whether space vehicle enters space or intelligent robot enters deep sea, whether computer equipment updates in a thousand miles, or the rapid development of Engineering Science and technology, it is inseparable from the use and support of high-quality castings. Most cast copper alloys (copper castings) can not be strengthened by heat treatment, but are used in the casting state. However, a few cast copper alloys are used after heat treatment, such as beryllium bronze, chromium bronze, silicon bronze and some high copper alloys. In addition, the mechanical properties, especially corrosion resistance, of aluminium bronze with_(Al)>9.4% after proper heat treatment can be improved to a certain extent.

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