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How to Avoid Spots in Copper Casting Processing

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How to Avoid Spots in Copper Casting Processing

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There are many factors affecting the quality of copper castings in the production process. When designing, the geometry and size of machine tool castings should be determined according to their working conditions and metal material properties. The rationality of the design should be considered from the point of view of its technological characteristics, which can effectively avoid and reduce the occurrence of defects such as composition segregation and cracking of copper castings to a certain extent.

  Copper castings need reasonable casting technology. In production, the proper parting surface and core-making method can be selected according to the structure, size and weight of the castings, the characteristics of the castings and production conditions, and the casting bars, chills, risers and gating systems can be reasonably set up.

  Copper castings have excellent mechanical and physical properties. When they are used, they can also have one or more special properties, such as low temperature, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, according to their different strength and hardness.

  The actual surface area of copper castings is many times larger than the calculated surface area, the impact current density is about three times higher than that of ordinary parts, and the pre-plating time is longer than that of ordinary parts. When pre-plating copper, the parts and hangers should be shaken frequently together to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the color of the coating and prevent speckle phenomenon during silver plating. Appearance quality of sound coating.

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