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Points for Attention in Copper Casting Processing

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Points for Attention in Copper Casting Processing

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 It is difficult to control the carbon content in the production of copper castings. Too much or too little carbon content will affect the quality of products. Why is the carbon content too high in copper castings?

  1. The setting of casting conditions of copper castings is unreasonable: for example, the casting filling process is too long, resulting in low temperature of liquid copper in the casting process, especially for the position where the wall thickness of castings increases, the solidification speed of liquid copper is slow, and the amount of carburization and carbon deposition of copper castings is increased.

  2. Carbon content in the production and smelting ingredients of copper castings is not strictly controlled, especially the carbon content in various scrap copper and the existence of other alloy components in various scrap copper are unknown.

  3. The setting of casting system of copper castings is unreasonable: especially the unreasonable configuration of vacuum system and casting sand box or casting process moulding, resulting in the casting process, the thermal decomposition products of the pattern can not be quickly discharged from the casting cavity, resulting in carburization or carbon deposition of the castings.

  In the process of producing copper castings, we must pay attention to not mixing impurities, controlling casting time, controlling wall thickness, choosing materials with low carbon content to make castings, and setting reasonable pouring system and pouring conditions.

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