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The function of spherical tile

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The function of spherical tile

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  Ball mill with spherical tile is a common ball mill in metallurgy, coal, mining, power generation, building materials and other industries. When it rotates at high speed and heavy load, the support of spherical tile is indispensable. Two 120 degree spherical tiles are stationary, holding hundreds of tons of rotating simplified body and its contents, so the spherical tile has the nickname of "sliding bearing". As far as the whole machinery is concerned, two spherical tiles play an important role. First, the supporting function of the spherical tiles connects the main bearing and several hundred tons of rotating cylinder, which requires that the spherical tiles must have high compressive strength, so the material of the spherical tiles (tiles) is mostly HT200 or ZG270-500; second, the simplified spherical tiles are rotatory and simplified. There is sliding friction contact between the hollow axle at both ends and the Bush surface. Although there is lubricant on the contact surface, the requirement for reducing the wear of the spherical bush is still very high.

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