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The difference between copper and brass

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The difference between copper and brass

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 1. Appearance color is different
 When we look at copper and brass, we will find that the color of brass is generally golden and glossy, but the color of copper is rose-red and glossy, so we can distinguish them from their appearance color.

  2. Different Components

 Copper is the main component of copper, and the content of copper can be as high as 99.9%, but the composition of brass is copper and zinc, more special brass may also have other magazines, so we can distinguish the composition very well.

 3. Different strength

  The strength of copper and brass is different, we can distinguish from strength. There are many components of brass, so the strength of brass is generally higher, but the main component of copper is copper, basically no other impurities, so the strength of copper is relatively low.

  4. Different densities

  The density of brass is 8.52-8.62, and that of purple is 8.9-8.95. Therefore, the density of purple copper and brass is relatively large and that of brass is relatively

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