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Application characteristics of copper sleeve

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Application characteristics of copper sleeve

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  JDB-1U oil groove copper sleeve is a kind of copper bearing lubricated by oil gushing from oil groove. The product has the traditional function of tin bronze bearing. Because the HB hardness of ZCuZn25Al6 is doubled, the service life of the product can be prolonged twice than that of the general bronze sleeve at low speed, and its bearing pressure is high, so it can be used in heavy load situations. The product is made of electrolytic copper as raw material, mixed with a variety of trace metal elements, sintered at high temperature, and centrifugally cast at atmospheric pressure.

  Products are widely used in textile machinery, injection molding machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, automotive industry and other fields. The company can make copper sleeves, washers, skateboards, half-watts and other products according to different brands of China, Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries. It can process various oil tanks and injection holes on its inner and outer walls according to customers'requirements. It can also be processed according to drawings.

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