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Characteristics and advantages of self-lubricating bearings

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Characteristics and advantages of self-lubricating bearings

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  Self-lubricating bearings are widely used at home and abroad for their unique performance and economy. The matrix of the copper sleeve is made of high strength and high hardness copper alloy, which is more than twice as hard as the common copper sleeve. The surface of the copper sleeve is drilled with graphite as the main oil-bearing solid lubricant. The lubrication area accounts for about 25%. When the bearing runs, it produces a layer of solid-liquid mixed lubrication film, which reduces friction and greatly improves the performance of the copper sleeve itself. It can work normally under heavy load, high temperature, impact load, reciprocating motion, water, difficult refueling and other adverse conditions. The wear of common copper sleeve is accelerated or even can not be used because of oil film failure. The product has a history of nearly ten years and has been widely used in various industries throughout the country. With the understanding of this product, the scope of use will be wider and wider, and it will certainly bring good benefits to the society.

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