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High quality copper sleeve manufacturer

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High quality copper sleeve manufacturer

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 Sliding friction occurs when sliding bearings are working; the magnitude of rolling friction mainly depends on manufacturing accuracy; and the magnitude of sliding friction mainly depends on the material of bearing sliding surface. Chongqing copper sleeve sliding bearings have self-lubricating function in general working face; sliding bearings are divided into non-metallic sliding bearings and metal sliding bearings according to material. Non-metallic sliding bearings are mainly plastic bearings, plastic bearings are generally made of engineering plastics with better performance; more professional manufacturers generally have engineering plastics self-lubrication modification technology, through fibers, special lubricants, glass beads and so on, to enhance the self-lubrication of engineering plastics to achieve one. Then the self-lubricating plastic bearings are produced by injection moulding with modified plastics. At present, three-layer composite bearings are widely used in metal sliding bearings, which are generally based on carbon steel plate. By sintering technology, a layer of spherical copper powder is first sintered on the steel plate, and then a layer of PTFE lubricant more than 0.03 mm is sintered on the copper powder layer. Copper sleeve production

  The main function of the middle layer of spherical copper powder is to enhance the bonding strength between the steel plate and PTFE. Of course, it also plays a certain role in load bearing and lubrication.

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