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Characteristics of Copper Castings

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Characteristics of Copper Castings

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Let's look at the unique features of copper sleeve (copper casting) in the use process. Now let's analyze the characteristics of copper sleeve. Only when we understand the characteristics of copper sleeve, can we make the transition of skillful businessmen when using it, so as to avoid the misunderstanding when using it.

  The sliding bearing with the graphite-copper sleeve lubricant, which is arranged on the friction surface developed by the metal sleeve in the copper matrix, expects relief in the appropriate size of the hole, and the embedded molybdenum disulfide or graphite as the solid lubricant, has the sliding tendency of the attributed lubricant of automobile products, and the solid lubricant is usually the friction surface from 20% to 30%. 。 The principle of self-lubricating bearing lubrication sliding shaft and bearing friction process, the said graphite particle shaft and bearing friction surface have extravagant expectations, in order to form a stable shaft separator solid lubricant layer is transferred to and bearing, to prevent direct adhesion wear.

  Metal alloys and integrated non-metallic bearing material forward price, its performance advantages complement the logistics industry, this is a high load capacity metal, the lubrication performance Department of friction materials expected copper sleeve, this is a 

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