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Material Selection of Metal Mould Casting

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Material Selection of Metal Mould Casting

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 Selection of Metal Mould Materials

  It can be seen from the analysis of the reasons for the failure of the metal mold that the material for manufacturing the metal mold should meet the following requirements: good heat resistance and thermal conductivity, no deformation and no damage when repeatedly heated; it should have certain strength, toughness and wear resistance, and good machinability.

  Cast iron is the most commonly used material for metal moulds. Its processing performance is good, low price, general factory can make, and it is heat-resistant, wear-resistant, is a more suitable metal material. Carbon steel and low alloy steel are used only when the requirements are high.

  Aluminum alloy is used to make metal mold. Attention has been drawn abroad. The surface of aluminium mold can be treated by anodic oxidation, and an oxide film composed of Al2O3 and Al2O3. H2O is obtained. Its melting point and hardness are high, and it is heat-resistant and wear-resistant. It has been reported that this kind of aluminium metal mold can be used not only for casting aluminium and copper parts, but also for casting ferrous metal castings if water cooling measures are adopted.

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