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Structure of copper sleeve

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Structure of copper sleeve

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Copper sleeve, also known as copper roll, is one of the spare parts for making amorphous ribbons and magnetic materials made of chromium, zirconium and copper. It is an important component of the belt-throwing machine, which is used in the belt-throwing machine. The utility model relates to metal and alloy melt strip throwing technology, specifically a high vacuum single roll strip throwing machine, which has induction melting part, copper roll strip throwing part, induction melting part equipped with gear and rack driving mechanism to drive the lifting of melting crucible, copper roll center of copper roll strip throwing part and melting crucible spraying of induction melting part. The motor shaft seal that drives the copper roll to rotate adopts magnetic fluid seal, and the copper roll belt throwing part is equipped with gear and rack transmission mechanism that drives the copper roll to move horizontally. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high quality and long service life, and is suitable for the strip throwing of amorphous, Microcrystalline Alloy Magnetic material, high strength amorphous alloy and other alloy materials.

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