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Installation of thrust bearing:

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Installation of thrust bearing:

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Installation of thrust bearing:

  _Guarantee the installation accuracy of thrust bearing on the cone crusher is the necessary condition for the normal operation of the crusher. Installation can follow the following steps:

  (1) The installation of juvenile thrust uranium bearing shall be in accordance with the sequence of contact surfaces between them during scraping. (2) Detection can be used to slightly hit around the three-claw disc. If oil splashes out of the disc, it proves that there is still a gap between the three-claw disc and the bottom cover. It should be re-cleaned and repaired. Chinese style

  (3) Then the central board and the board are installed in turn, and the above method can still be used in the detection method. (4)Finally, the hollow eccentric shaft, the spherical tile frame and the main shaft are installed. When hoisting the hollow eccentric shaft, the counterweight of the big gear should be placed above the small bevel gear to align the outer end of the bevel gear. After installation of the spherical tile, the interference fit between the spherical bearing seat and the machine seat should be adopted as far as possible, and the gear should not be tightened or loosened. During this period, three data were measured successively: the tooth gap of conical umbrella a; the gap between spindle and conical sleeve b; and the gap between end surface of hollow eccentric shaft and bottom surface of spherical tile rack C.

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