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Lubrication of sliding bearings-2

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Lubrication of sliding bearings-2

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5. Oil pad lubrication: Using the capillary function of oil pad, the oil in oil pool is coated on the surface of shaft diameter. This method can make the surface of the conflict always keep clean, but dust will also block the capillary pore to form a lack of oil supply. The oil supply of oil cushion lubrication generally only needs 1/20 of oil lubrication.
6. Oil bath lubrication: the lubrication method of immersing a part of the bearing in lubricating oil. This method is often used in thrust bearing of vertical shaft, but not in radial bearing of horizontal shaft.
7. Splash lubrication: The bearing is supplied by the splashing oil of the rotating parts in the oil tank, which is suitable for the bearings with higher speed.
8, spray lubrication: lubricating oil atomization spray on the surface of the lubrication method, suitable for high-speed bearings.
9. Pressure Oil Supply Lubrication: Oil is supplied to bearings by the pressure of the lubricating pump, and the lubricating oil from bearings is recovered to the oil pool for recycling. It is the most stable lubrication method with the largest oil supply and is suitable for high-speed, heavy-duty and important sliding bearings

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