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Lubrication of sliding bearings

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Lubrication of sliding bearings

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1. Manual lubrication: When it is found that there is a lack of lubricating oil for bearings, it is the most original method to use a Refueller to supply oil. This method is difficult to insist that the amount of oil must be determined. It is dangerous to forget refueling because of negligence. It is generally only used in light-load, low-speed or intermittent sports occasions. It is good to install a dust-proof cover or ball valve on the filling hole, and use felt, cotton, wool and other filtering equipment.
2. Dropping oil lubrication: from the container through holes, needles, valves and other supplies of roughly quantitative lubricant, the most classic is the drop oil cup. The amount of oil dropping varies significantly with the viscosity of lubricating oil, bearing vacancy and the orientation of oil supply hole. It is used for light and medium load bearings with circumferential velocity less than 4-5m/s.
3. Oil ring lubrication: It can only be used for horizontal shaft lubrication. The lubricating oil from the oil pool is carried into the bearing by a ring that can rotate on the shaft. It is suitable for medium-speed and high-speed bearings with shaft diameter greater than 50mm. The oil ring is seamless. When the width-diameter ratio of the bearing is less than 2, only one oil ring can be used, otherwise two oil rings are needed.
4. Oil rope lubrication: The oil in the oil cup is introduced into the bearing by the capillary and siphon action of the oil rope, which is used for light and medium load bearings whose circumferential velocity is less than 4-5m/s. Oil rope also has filtering function.

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