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Status of Copper Alloy Bars in China Market

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Status of Copper Alloy Bars in China Market

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Due to the low market position of most copper processing enterprises in China, when copper prices continued to rise since 2005, the downstream industries chose zinc, aluminum and other alternative materials in some low-end product areas under the pressure of cost, which made the overall consumption of copper bar industry decline steadily. In addition, the increasing awareness of social environmental protection, the increasingly stringent implementation of environmental standards, inadequate preparation of most domestic enterprises and insufficient effective supply are also the reasons for the decline in apparent consumption of copper rods in China. However, the adjustment of China's industrial structure and the improvement of social living standards make the demand for high-end products such as precision copper alloy rods and high-performance copper alloy rods continue to grow. Over the years, China's copper rod market has been in short supply, that is, output is less than apparent consumption, and the gap between supply and demand needs to be filled by imports. In the past ten years, China has imported about 100,000 tons of copper bars annually. The proportion of imported copper bars to domestic apparent consumption is about 15%. The main imported products are precision copper bars and high-performance copper bars. The total proportion of imported copper bars has increased from 90.23% in 2008 to 95.16% in 2017. In terms of trade mode, domestic copper rod imports are mainly based on processing trade.

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