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Common problems of copper sheet

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Common problems of copper sheet

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It is believed that many people have encountered the surface of copper sheet or strip peeling or pitting, because of these reasons, the last thing can not be used ~indeed, this is a very headache problem, the cost has also increased a lot! But what is the cause? Is there any way to avoid it?
The surface of cold-rolled copper sheet sometimes has peeling, pitting and pitting. One of the reasons is that it needs to go through multiple rolling processes during processing. In any process, if the surface is not cleaned, there will be oxide attached to the surface of the copper plate. In the next rolling process, it will be pressed into the copper plate, resulting in the final copper plate in the finished product processing, oxide fall off, then pits, pits and other defects will be formed.
Another situation is more common, that is, due to the lack of packaging tightness in the transport process, resulting in too large gap between copper plate and copper plate, then in the transport process due to vehicle bumps and other conditions, causing surface collision friction! Copper, especially copper itself, belongs to a relatively soft metal, which will inevitably leave ugly pits after strong collision and friction. This is the reason why it will leave ugly pits when you pinch the cake with your hands.

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