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Characteristic description of copper sheet

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Characteristic description of copper sheet

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Copper plate is generally divided into thin plate and medium-thick plate. The thickness of thin plate is 0.1 mm-3.0 mm, and that of medium-thick plate is 3.0 MM-200 mm.
Copper sheet is a kind of roof and curtain wall material with high stability and low maintenance. It is environmentally friendly, safe to use, easy to process and highly corrosion resistant.
Product description
1) The yield strength and elongation of the copper sheet are inversely proportional. The hardness of the processed copper sheet increases greatly, but can be reduced by heat treatment.
2) Among all building metal materials, copper has the best elongation performance and has great advantages in adapting to building shape.
3) Copper sheet is not limited by processing temperature. It is not brittle at low temperature, but can be welded by hot melt welding such as oxygen blowing at high melting point.
4) Fire protection, non-combustible materia

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