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Customized Processing of Copper Sleeve

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Customized Processing of Copper Sleeve

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Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in mining, industry, iron and steel smelting, production, processing and sales of copper and aluminium-based alloy fittings and appliances for daily use in Central Plains. At present, it is the largest casting and processing manufacturer of copper and aluminium fittings in Central Plains.
At present, mainly engaged in tin bronze alloy; conical crusher copper sleeve accessories; aluminum bronze alloy; sleeve; copper yuan board; copper shaft lining; copper alloy cone sleeve; copper horizontal sleeve; copper alloy bearing bush; copper bowl bush; copper sleeve. All kinds of mechanical copper alloy, aluminum alloy accessories and other general parts production and processing, and can be customized according to customer drawings or sample requirements. The company adopts centrifugal casting, sand casting, steel casting and other casting methods.Copper sets processing, customized on demand, fast delivery, high wear-resistant copper sets, professional manufacturers, high quality, low price, reliable Kunbo machinery, physical manufacturers, fast delivery, strong manufacturers, years of industry experience, the development of self-made metal products enterprises

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