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Use of copper sleeves in other fields

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Use of copper sleeves in other fields

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Application of copper sleeve in metallurgical, textile and aerospace industries
1. Smelters, mines and iron and steel mills should choose wear-resistant copper sleeves and endurance copper sleeves for rolling machinery and equipment. Aluminum bronze is commonly used.
2. Copper bushes with high requirements for power equipment in power plants, gas turbines and electric power plants. This kind of equipment is mostly continuous operation, the copper sleeve is under great stress, difficult to assemble and disassemble, and inconvenient to replace, so the quality of copper sleeve is required to be very stable, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.
3. Printing, packaging, food machinery, special copper sleeves and spherical copper sleeves.
4. Plastics, chemical fibre machinery, film stretching, special copper sleeve and high temperature copper sleeve. With the development of science and technology, this kind of machinery and equipment is constantly improving and changing with each passing day. Some of them are abroad, some of them are at home soon, and the copper sleeves used with them are also bringing forth new ideas. The conveyor belt part is mostly Qufu Miaokong Industrial and Mine Fittings Factory, Shandong Copper Set Factory, which can produce various materials, various specifications of joint copper sleeve, one-way copper sleeve, guide rail copper sleeve, needle roller copper sleeve, high temperature copper sleeve, wear-resistant copper sleeve, etc. Easy to install, beautiful and generous, easy to replace, favored by users. It can also be customized.
5. Copper worm gears with fine axle sleeves for toys, clocks, electronic and audio-visual equipment.

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