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edged copper sleeve and edgeless copper sleeve

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edged copper sleeve and edgeless copper sleeve

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The difference between edged copper sleeve and edgeless copper sleeve is as follows:
The edged copper sleeve is F, for example, 3035F.
Infinite copper sleeve is directly standard 3035
Copper sleeves can also be made into self-lubricating graphite copper sleeves. High strength copper alloys (CuZn25Al5, CuZn24Al6Fe3Mn4) are used as basic materials. According to the working conditions, holes are machined and filled with solid lubricants according to a certain proportion. High strength copper alloys provide high load-carrying capacity, while solid lubricants can form low friction. Vice-. Under dry friction conditions, we design a pre-lubrication film on the bearing surface to ensure that the solid lubricant is transferred to the dual parts in the shortest time and an effective solid lubrication film is formed.

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