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Xinxiang professional copper casting manufacturers

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Xinxiang professional copper casting manufacturers

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  Xinxiang Haishan Machinery has sand casting, centrifugal casting, metal casting, investment casting and other casting processes, according to customer requirements, according to the material and process requirements of the workpiece, choose the most appropriate casting process, good service to customers. The company has established a perfect and scientific quality management system, and a perfect quality inspection system, such as component testing, mechanical performance testing, etc. Main copper bushing, copper tile, copper wire mother, large copper castings, flange copper bushing, large bushing, brass bushing, bronze bushing, conical broken copper bushing, excavator copper bushing, ball mill copper bushing, press copper wire mother, reducer copper worm wheel, press copper bushing, crusher copper bushing, Simmons copper bushing, Sandvik copper bushing, mine installation Copper alloy products, such as spare parts and machinery, are a production unit with advanced laboratory equipment and mechanical testing equipment in the Central Plains region. It has strong technical force and reliable quality.And can be based on customer drawings or sample requirements of all kinds of customized accessories such as copper.
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