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What is the use method of graphite copper sleeve?

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What is the use method of graphite copper sleeve?

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The working principle of graphite copper sleeve: the general solid lubricant accounts for 20-30% of the friction surface area. The lubrication principle of graphite copper sleeve self-lubricating bearing is that during the sliding friction between shaft and bearing, part of graphite particles is transferred to the friction surface of shaft and bearing, forming a stable solid lubrication diaphragm to prevent shaft and shaft from sliding. Direct adhesive wear of the bearing. This combination of rationality combines the respective performance advantages of metal alloys and non-metal antiwear materials, and complements each other, that is, the high load-carrying capacity of metals and the lubrication performance of antiwear materials are obtained. Therefore, it is especially suitable for non-refueling, less refueling, high temperature, high load or water environment. Knowledge Point Extension: Graphite copper sleeve, also known as self-lubricating bearing, is a kind of self-lubricating product with orderly arrangement and appropriate size of holes developed on the friction surface of copper sleeve as metal matrix and embedded in graphite or molybdenum disulfide as solid lubricant. At present, graphite copper sleeve has been widely used in construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, locomotive bracket, rolling equipment, ship machinery, die equipment, textile machinery, gas turbine and other low-speed heavy load, high-speed light load and other occasions.

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