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Main processes of sand casting

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Main processes of sand casting

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The main processes of sand casting are as follows:
Mould production part: According to the requirements of drawings, the mould can be made. In general, wood mould can be used for single production, plastic mould and metal mould can be made for batch production, and template can be made for large quantities of castings.
2. Sand mixing stage: According to the requirements of sand mold manufacturing and different types of castings, qualified sand moulding is prepared for moulding.
3. Molding (core-making) stage: including moulding (casting cavity formed by moulding sand), core-making (forming internal shape of casting), matching (putting the core into the cavity, closing the upper and lower sand boxes). Molding is the key link in casting.
4. Melting stage: matching chemical composition according to required metal composition, selecting appropriate melting furnace melting alloy material, forming qualified liquid metal (including qualified composition, qualified temperature)
5. Pouring stage: The qualified melting metal is injected into the sand box with the mold. The danger of pouring stage is relatively high, special attention should be paid to it.
6. Cleaning stage: After pouring and solidifying melting metal, removing moulding sand and removing accessories such as gate, the required castings are formed

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