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Copper sleeve processing

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Copper sleeve processing

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 the unsafe factors in the casting process can be analyzed as follows:
(1) Fire and explosion are prone to occur due to high temperature and radiation heat.
(2) Because of the harsh working environment, accidents such as smashing, bruising, scalding and burning are prone to occur.
(3) Harmful dust pollution: In the process of transportation and processing of moulds and core sand, a large amount of dust will be produced in the working area in the process of box-beating, sand-dropping and cleaning of castings; in the process of sand-cleaning of cast steel, silica dust is often harmful, if there is no effective dust-removing measures, silicosis is easy to occur.
(4) Tobacco hazard: The flue gas of cupola and electric arc furnace contains a lot of harmful carbon monoxide to human body, and carbon monoxide is discharged when baking sand moulds or mud cores.
(5) Harmful gases: In the process of melting metal with coke and casting, pouring ladle and pouring, sulfur dioxide which can cause respiratory diseases will be produced; when the core drying chamber is heated up to 200-250 C and the hot metal core is heated up to 1000 C, the acrolein vapor which can cause acute conjunctivitis and upper respiratory tract inflammation will be volatilized from oil. During casting, a lot of harmful gases can be released from the organic substances in the core and coating.
(6) Climate factors: In the process of casting production, a lot of heat is generated, especially in summer, the temperature in the workshop often reaches more than 40 degrees, which affects production. Therefore, attention should be paid to improving the working environment, preventing heat and cooling.
(7) Noise: In the cleaning process, the noise caused by cleaning burrs, cleaning castings and casting boxes is also a factor causing personal injury.

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