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Description of bronze material in copper casting

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Description of bronze material in copper casting

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1. What kind of material is Rg5? Can it be used on copper castings?
For Rg5, it can be said that it is equivalent to c83600, and it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Even at 400 ℃, the mechanical properties of Rg5 are very stable. Therefore, it can be used in copper casting, and it can have good effect. Therefore, it can be used in shipbuilding, chemical industry and other industries.
2. What are the bronze castings in copper castings? Besides, which of manganese bronze and iron bronze will rust?
For bronze castings in copper castings, specifically speaking, there are tin, iron, aluminum, aluminum iron and manganese bronze. For manganese bronze, it will not appear white, and iron bronze, if in the case of iron segregation, will rust, thus affecting its appearance.
3. After the brass casting is broken, which welding method should be used for welding?
For the brass casting in the copper casting, if it is repaired by welding, then it is more appropriate to adopt non melting argon arc welding. On the welding wire, 204s brass argon arc welding wire can be used instead of brazing wire. Because of its high zinc content, it is easy to have welding problems in the welding process, thus affecting the welding quality.

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