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The function of shaft sleeve

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The function of shaft sleeve

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  In moving parts, the wear of parts is caused by long-term friction. When the gap between the shaft and the hole is worn to a certain extent, the parts must be replaced. Therefore, the designer selects the materials with lower hardness and better wear resistance as the shaft sleeve or bushing in the design, which can reduce the wear of the shaft and seat. When the shaft sleeve or bushing is worn to a certain extent, it can be replaced To save the cost of replacing the shaft or seat, generally speaking, the bushing and seat adopt interference fit, while the shaft adopt clearance fit, because no matter how or how it cannot avoid wear, it can only extend the service life, and the shaft parts are relatively easy to process; some new designers do not like this design, and think that this is to increase the cost during manufacturing, but after a After using for a period of time, it is still necessary to reform according to this method during maintenance, but it is easy to reduce the accuracy of the equipment due to the simple reason that the secondary processing can not guarantee the position of the center of the seat hole. The shaft sleeve is used to replace the rolling bearing in some places with low speed, high radial load and high clearance requirements (such as the camshaft) (actually, the shaft sleeve is also a kind of sliding) Bearing), the material is required to be low hardness and wear-resistant, the inner hole of the shaft sleeve is grinded and scraped to achieve high matching accuracy, the inner wall must be provided with lubricating oil groove, the lubrication of the shaft sleeve is very important, if it is dry grinded, the shaft and the shaft sleeve will be scrapped soon, it is recommended to scrape the inner hole wall of the shaft sleeve when it is installed here, so many small pits can be left, and the basis for strengthening the lubrication sleeve and the shaft sleeve is not Different models are selected for the same industrial and mining conditions. The main conditions are: pressure, velocity, product of pressure and velocity, lubrication state and load property The requirements of rotating movement and axial sliding are different, whether there is lubricating oil performance is also very different, speed and pressure basically determine the life of the shaft sleeve.

  If you are interested, you can make a further discussion about the bushing generally divided into two types: one is for the convenience of disassembly and assembly. The other is used as sliding bearing. The shaft sleeve generally prevents the axial movement from avoiding the stress concentration area (such as the great difference in thickness), and prevents the shaft from breaking. On the vertical axial flow pump, diagonal flow pump and deep well pump, the shaft sleeve and rubber bearing or Cylon bearing form a "lubricating pair", but on some horizontal pumps, such as the middle opening double suction pump, the shaft sleeve plays an axial adjustment role, while the packing shaft sleeve plays a sealing role with the packing It's mainly wear-resistant. It's protective. It's mainly wear-resistant. It's generally true that everyone is protective

  According to work experience:

  1. The shaft sleeve generally functions as a sliding bearing. In order to save materials, the wall thickness of the shaft sleeve is designed according to the axial load required by the bearing. Generally, cast copper and bearing alloy are used. There are openings and no openings in the shaft sleeve, which should be based on the needs of the structure. Generally, the shaft sleeve can not bear axial load, or can only bear small axial load. Or add thrust bearing. The axis is usually round

  2. The bushing generally acts as the lining. Shafts can be of various shapes, as can bushings. The bushing can be used for corrosion protection, eliminating assembly clearance, etc-------

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