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lead bronze Centrifugal casting copper Crusher copper pieces

Copper parts of hydraulic crusher -- customized processing o

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Copper parts of hydraulic crusher -- customized processing o

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 "II" copper sleeve, copper tile, copper nut, copper worm gear, worm, copper sliding plate, special copper rod, copper tube, copper plate.

  Production technology: sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting.

  2900 kg / piece for the largest piece and 0.3 kg / piece for the smallest piece

  Can provide finished semi-finished products rough

  Material brand:

  Tin bronze: 6-6-3 5-5-5 10-2 10-5 8-4

  Phosphor bronze: 10-16.5-0.17-0.28-0.3

  Aluminum bronze: 9-4 9-2 9-4-4-2 10-3 10-3-1.5 10-3-2, 10-4-4, 10-5-5, 11-6-6

  Lead bronze: 10-10 12-8 17-4-4 20-5 25-5 zcupb30

  Silicon bronze: zcusi3mn1 zcusi1mn3

  Brass: h62.h65.h68 59-1 58-2 16-4 40-2 58-2-2 66-6-3-2

  Company commitment: stable quality Accurate construction period!

  Company philosophy: help China Serve the world!

  Our company's main cone broken copper parts are divided into spring cone broken copper parts and Simmons cone broken copper parts.

  The accessories of Simmons cone crusher include:

  Domestic standards: S75, s155, S240.

  Sandvik H2800, h3800, h4800, h6800, s2800, s3800, s4800

  Metso C series jaw crusher C80 C100 C110 C125 C140 C160 C200

  Metso GP crushers gp100, gp110, gp300, gp500

  Meizhuo (Nordberg) HP series crushers HP100, hp200, HP300, hp400, HP500, HP700, HP800

  Spring cone crusher accessories: 600, 900, 1200, 1750, 2200.

  Main products: copper sleeve, copper bush, bearing bush sleeve, press copper wire nut, reducer copper worm gear, press copper sleeve, crusher copper sleeve, Simmons copper sleeve, mining equipment copper accessories, mechanical copper accessories and other copper alloy products and aluminum products.

  Here are the pictures of copper parts of hydraulic crusher

  The conical bush of hydraulic crusher is also called inner eccentric bush

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