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Self-lubricating wear-resistant copper sleeve?

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Self-lubricating wear-resistant copper sleeve?

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The structure of self-lubricating wear-resistant copper sleeve is very simple. It is to punch holes in the copper sleeve matrix and then insert solid lubricant into the holes.
The copper sleeve is characterized by self-lubrication, maintenance-free, wear-resistant, low noise, high strength and long service life. It is mainly used in low speed, high load-bearing occasions.
Its material composition is generally high-strength brass (ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3), can also be made of tin bronze 555, tin bronze 10-1, aluminum bronze 9-4, aluminum-nickel bronze 9-4-2, aluminum bronze 10-3 and other materials.
Processing cycle usually varies from 5 to 15 days. The unit price depends on the specific material, product size and quantity.

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