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Wear Problem of Cone Bushing

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Wear Problem of Cone Bushing

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Wear and Damage of Spindle and Cone Bushing
Under the normal working condition of crusher, the spindle and the cone bushing have obvious wear marks on the height of the cone bushing about 400 mm (2200 fine crusher) downward from the top of the cone bushing. At the same time, there are slight wear marks or no contact at all on the lower part of the spindle, while the wear marks on the main shaft of the bottom single cylinder hydraulic crusher occur at intervals from bottom to top, and they are also heavier on the upper part and lighter on the lower part. There is no uniform contact between the spindle and the cone bushing along the whole length (height).
For conical bushing (tapered sliding bearing) of crusher, its main journal decreases gradually from top to bottom along the length (height) cluster of tapered bearing, and its clearance increases gradually from top to bottom. It shows that the upper bearing capacity of the cone bushing is very high, so the wear marks of the spindle and the cone bushing on the upper surface are heavy. Although the spindle and the cone bushing can not contact evenly along the whole length, local contact is not allowed, otherwise accidents will occur.
If the wear of the spindle and the cone bushing is heavier at the lower part and lighter at the upper part, then the moving cone will be slightly unstable and the crusher can not work properly. If the spindle and the cone bushing only have local contact at the lower part, the crusher will inevitably have an accident at this time.
If there is local contact between the spindle and the cone bushing at the lower end, the cone bushing will be damaged by cracks. The reason is that the clearance is small, the eccentric sleeve is skewed, the spherical bearing is in contact with the inner ring, and the inclination angle of the taper bushing does not coincide with the precession angle. For this reason, it is suggested that the gap between the main shaft and the lower mouth of the cone bushing (about 500 mm for 2200 fine crusher) should be increased intentionally during the maintenance of the crusher, so that the two parts do not contact, thus avoiding the accident caused by local contact at the lower mouth and facilitating the adjustment and maintenance.

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