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the installation and maintenance of oil-free graphite coppe

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the installation and maintenance of oil-free graphite coppe

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 Is there any requirement for the installation and maintenance of oil-free graphite copper sleeve? When installing and repairing, we should pay attention to those. This is the most basic operation ability. If not, it will cause certain damage to our graphite copper sleeve. Sometimes, the failure of installation directly causes the scrap of copper sleeve. So we must strictly follow the operating rules.

  Let's talk about the installation precautions and steps of graphite copper sleeve first: 1. We should pay attention to the burrs on the copper sleeve and some debris falling off during casting, which must be clear and clean, otherwise it is easy to cause copper sleeve dislocation, increase friction and reduce the life of copper sleeve in the process of copper sleeve operation. 2. The next step is to install the copper bushing on the bearing seat. According to the allowance we designed at that time, we should find the most suitable position and fix the copper bushing on the bearing seat by means of slight tapping. In this case, we must butt the copper bushing and the allowance position of the bearing seat. 3. There will be more or less gaps and holes after installation. We need to use tapering to fill them at this time. Above is the installation procedure of our oil-free graphite copper sleeve.

  The following is about the maintenance of our oil-free graphite copper sleeve. Its damage generally includes wear, melting, peeling and cracking. Generally, when we can find these damages, it means that the damage is very serious. At this time, we usually replace the new copper sleeve directly. If there is slight damage, we will find that the damage is very serious. In the future, we should grind or reinforce it in time, otherwise it will damage faster and faster, and the cracks will become bigger and bigger. This is the basic maintenance observation method of graphite copper sleeve, because it is in high-speed rotation, so we will replace it with damage.

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