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 What material is the sealing ring made of?

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 What material is the sealing ring made of?

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 Sealing material


  _-NBR is a general sealing material. It is composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It has outstanding ability to withstand the following media.

  _Most mineral oils and greases based on mineral oils

  General fuels, such as gasoline, diesel and light civil fuels

  Animal Oil, Vegetable Oil and Fat

  Hot water

  _NBR seals also allow bearings to work for a short time without oil. The allowable operating temperature range is - 40 to 100 C. Within a short period of time, it can accept the temperature as high as 120 C. But it is not suitable to work at higher temperatures because NBR will harden.

  Hydrogenated nitrile-butadiene rubber

  Hydrogenated nitrile-butadiene rubber has more wear resistance than nitrile-butadiene rubber, so the seals made of this material have longer service life. In addition, hydrogenated nitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR) has stronger heat resistance and hardening resistance in hot oil or ozone. Hydrogenated nitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR) allows a higher operating temperature of 150 C, which is much higher than that of nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR).


  _fluoroelastomer is characterized by high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good ozone resistance, and very low air permeability. Fluororubber has excellent wear resistance even under very bad working conditions. It can accept operating temperature of 200 C or below. Seals made of this material allow bearings to work for a short time without oil.

  Fluororubber also has excellent resistance to various media, including oil and hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricants, inorganic acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons. Fluororubber should not be used in the presence of esters, ethers, ketones, certain amines and high temperature anhydrous hydrogen fluoride. If the seals made of fluororubber are exposed to open fire or high temperature above 300 C, they will damage health and environment. Even after cooling, they are at risk.

  Seals are very important for lubricant cleaning and bearing life.

  _Seals are designed to prevent the loss of lubricants and the entry of contaminants into the required protective space.

  Seals have the following characteristics:

  _has the ability to deform satisfactorily to compensate for irregular appearance

  _has satisfying strength to accept pressure during operation

  _can accept a larger scale of operating temperature

  Chemical Resistance of_

  _has less conflict, heat resistance and wear when working

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