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Particularity of Copper Casting Processing in Crusher

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Particularity of Copper Casting Processing in Crusher

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 Because of the particularity of the crusher copper casting, we must strictly follow the process in the casting of the crusher copper parts, which can not be the same as some doped material products in the market.

  In order to obtain high-quality and high-level die castings, especially thin-walled and complex-shaped die castings to meet the requirements of smooth, clear outline, compact structure and high strength, the key is to control the parameters in the process of die casting.

  Industrial electric furnaces are furnaces that are heated by electricity. The electric furnaces used in foundries are generally medium frequency electric furnaces, which are composed of three parts: electric power system, water circulation system and furnace body. Because the maintenance of electric furnaces is very difficult, the manufacturers usually come to repair them. It's different from the cupola we used to use.

  1. In the process of cupola melting, the electric furnace is melting, which is the essential difference between the two furnaces. The effect is (5 elements don't say that the batching process must be controlled), the batching must be controlled, cupola is not picky about the furnace charge, it can be used, the trace elements have been burned or filtered through conversation in the melting process; the electric furnace can't or is difficult to control the trace elements.

  2. The oxide has no effect on the cupola melting process, but the slag increases correspondingly. The electric furnace is more sensitive to the oxide, besides the increase of the slag, it has a great influence on the magnetic field needed for heating, which will greatly increase the power loss.

  3. Shortcomings of cupola - the burden is not too large, otherwise the phenomenon of shed material will occur.

  Copper alloy such as copper sleeve, large copper castings, centrifugal copper sleeve, flange copper sleeve, large bushing, brass sleeve, bronze sleeve, conical broken copper sleeve, excavator copper sleeve, ball mill copper sleeve, press copper sleeve, crusher copper sleeve, Simons copper sleeve, Metso eccentric copper sleeve, Sandvik copper sleeve, mining equipment copper fittings, mechanical copper fittings, etc. The product is a production unit with advanced laboratory equipment and mechanical testing equipment in the Central Plains region. It has strong technical force and reliable quality.

  Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in producing copper alloy castings, such as copper sleeve, copper tile, copper slide plate, copper fittings of crusher, etc. Any problems of copper castings can be exchanged with us.

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