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How much do you know about copper parts of crusher

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How much do you know about copper parts of crusher

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 Bronze parts of crusher play an important role in crusher. Its quality directly determines the quality of crusher. So when we buy crusher, we must know the material and process of its copper parts, which directly determines the service life and crushing ability of crusher.

  The daily work of crusher equipment depends on the normal operation of copper parts of each crusher, such as jaw plate of jaw crusher, hammer head of hammer crusher, rotor of counterattack crusher, impeller of impact crusher, rolling mortar wall of conical crusher, roll, ring of Raymond mill and most equipment. All kinds of bearings on them. These accessories play a very important role in the daily operation of equipment. Once problems arise, they will directly affect the use of equipment.

  First of all, copper bushing plays the role of sliding bearing in crusher. It bears very large impact load and temperature control during crusher operation. Therefore, the material and specifications of copper bushing directly affect the operation of crusher. Customized processing of wear-resistant and compressive copper alloy material is needed to prevent crusher from being transported. The phenomenon of biting death happened during the course of the trip!

  The copper bushing of spring cone crusher is divided into straight bushing (outer copper bushing), cone bushing (inner copper bushing), and horizontal shaft bushing. According to the type of spring crusher, the specifications of copper sleeve used are different. Spring cone crusher has standard type, short head type, medium-sized, the copper sleeve used must be strictly customized in accordance with the requirements of the crusher, in order to ensure the smooth installation of copper sleeve without damaging the machine.

  Through the above, you have learned the role of copper crusher, if you want to buy crusher, we can give you the most appropriate data, we are willing to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you. Xinxiang Haishan Machinery is a manufacturer of copper parts for various crushers.

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