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Manufacturing and Processing of Copper Castings

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Manufacturing and Processing of Copper Castings

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 Strength of copper casting die: improper heat treatment process, irregular heat treatment operation or inadequate state of heat treatment equipment, resulting in the strength (hardness) of the treated die can not meet the design requirements. In addition, it may be because the refining quality is not high, the slag removal ability of the pouring system is relatively low, or the occurrence of secondary oxidation, the pouring temperature is too low, the slag can not float up and other factors will also cause slag inclusion problems.

  The heat treatment of cast copper alloys can be divided into:

  1. Stress relief annealing aims at eliminating the internal stress produced by casting and repair welding. In addition to sand casting, copper castings and other non-ferrous alloys are widely cast by metal casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting and graphite casting. Many parts of copper castings are made of copper, so their precision is higher, and the quality is appropriate and good. As long as they are used normally, they can be used for a long time without any problems.

  Appearance inspection: There are stripes on the surface of copper castings which are consistent with the direction of liquid metal flow. There are obvious non-directional stripes which are different from the color of metal matrix and have no development trend. Without the improvement of the quality of machine tool castings, the development of machine tool equipment manufacturing and the improvement of the overall level, it will be impossible to talk about, affecting the competitiveness of China's machine tool equipment manufacturing industry in the international market.

  The tin bronze sleeve needs to be heated to about 450 degrees when the casting defects are eliminated. It is very easy to cause the volume expansion of the alloy in the process of using, which can easily lead to the blockage of the bronze. The weight and size range of castings are very wide. The weight of castings is only a few grams. The weight of castings can reach 400 tons. The thickness of castings is only 0.5 mm. The thickness of castings can exceed one meter. The length of castings can range from several millimeters to more than ten meters. The castings can meet the requirements of different industrial departments. There are also other special foundry processes that act on materials in different ways, so that they become castings with different characteristics and meet different foundry requirements.

  In addition, according to the detailed production batch, raw material status and other reasonable selection of suitable die information.

  2. Clean up all contaminated contaminants before storage and carry out chemical protection. It can be widely used in metal mould and die casting to improve the internal quality, dimensional accuracy, surface finish and production efficiency of castings.

  4. Distilled water or distilled water can be heated and neutral soap can be used for washing. It has flake graphite and has the effect of cutting off on the matrix, so that gray iron castings are not cut off as structural metal data.

  With high strength, corrosion resistance and excellent casting performance of copper sleeve, it has been widely used in various industrial sectors for a long time. If there is residual material in it, it will affect the next casting.

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