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Several Casting Methods of Self-lubricating Copper Sheath

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Several Casting Methods of Self-lubricating Copper Sheath

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  There are many casting methods for self-lubricating copper sleeves, but no manufacturer will use all casting methods, because this is a huge investment, and there is no direct proportion between this investment and profit.

  So what is its casting method? In fact, it has the same casting method as copper sleeve. Self-lubricating copper sleeves are also converted from copper sleeves. Copper sleeve must be used before lubricating production. Copper sleeve. The following are the most commonly used casting methods for self-lubricating copper sleeves:

  1. Sand casting, which is the most commonly used method in casting, has the advantages of wide adaptability and relatively simple production preparation. However, the dimensional accuracy, surface quality and internal quality of castings produced by this method are far from meeting the requirements of mechanical parts, and the production process is more complex. The mechanization and automation of production are enormous, and some special parts and special technical requirements are produced. When casting, the technical and economic indexes are low. Therefore, the application of sand casting in foundry production is limited. This method of casting self-lubricating copper sleeve has been slowly eliminated. It also causes serious pollution to the environment, so it is no longer used.

  2. Centrifugal casting, which is now the most commonly used casting method in self-lubricating copper sleeve casting. Its batch property, stability and material loss are incomparable to those of sand casting. It is the most common copper foundry. The casting method used.

  3. Pressure casting, also known as gravity casting. This casting method fills liquid alloys at high pressure and high speed by changing the filling and crystallization conditions of liquid alloys and forming liquid alloys at high pressure. A method for obtaining precision casting by crystallization. The cost of this casting method is relatively high, and the casting method is used for special castings.

  Above are the three methods we use most, and there are many other methods, such as lost foam casting, semi-continuous casting, continuous casting, forging, extrusion and so on. Any casting method must go through many times. Full use.

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