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What is the key to high quality self-lubricating copper slee

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What is the key to high quality self-lubricating copper slee

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 Everyone wants a high quality self-lubricating copper sleeve, but how to cast a high quality self-lubricating copper sleeve? Today we mainly talk about the casting method of high quality self-lubricating copper sleeve.

  In order to obtain high-quality and high-level self-lubricating copper sleeve, especially for thin-walled and complex die castings to meet the requirements of smooth, clear outline, compact structure and high strength, the key is to coordinate and unify the influencing factors and control the parameters in the process of die casting.

  At this time, we need to use die-casting technology to obtain high-quality self-lubricating copper sleeve. It mainly includes the organic combination of die-casting machine, die-casting die, and die-casting alloy. It is a process in which pressure, speed, temperature and other contradictory factors are unified. In the process of die casting, these technological factors complement and restrict each other. Only by correctly choosing and adjusting these factors and making them coordinated, can the expected effect be achieved. Therefore, during the die casting process, we should not only pay attention to the structure and manufacturability of the die castings, the advanced nature of the die casting, the excellent performance of the equipment and the structure, the selection of the die casting alloy and the normalization of the smelting process, but also pay more attention to the important role of the die casting process parameters and the effective control of these parameters.

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