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Notices for Replacing Copper Bushing and Eccentric Bushing

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Notices for Replacing Copper Bushing and Eccentric Bushing

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When replacing copper bushing and eccentric bushing, the inner diameter of moving cone and eccentric bushing must be checked before installing new bushing. When installing a new copper sleeve, the new copper sleeve must be cooled by dry ice or liquid nitrogen for at least 2 hours, and then installed freely into conical and eccentric sleeves, and can not be installed by hammering or extrusion.

  Before installing movable cone assembly and eccentric sleeve assembly, the outer wall and spindle of eccentric sleeve must be cleaned to remove debris and scratches. After replacing the movable conical copper sleeve and eccentric bushing, the treadmill must be run in and out according to the operation procedure. SMH cone crusher has good performance and excellent quality.

  Copper sleeve is an important part of cone crusher. For example, eccentric shaft copper sleeve, moving cone copper sleeve and horizontal shaft copper sleeve play a very important role in the operation of equipment. Let's take a look at the copper sleeve of the cone crusher. Replacement.

  Replacement of Eccentric Shaft Copper Sleeve

  After drilling and drilling, the eccentric sleeve is placed upside down to remove the copper sleeve. Before installing a new copper sleeve, it is necessary to check whether the inner diameter of the eccentric sleeve has cracks. When installing eccentric bushing, it can be cooled by dry ice. When casting fillers, the eccentric sleeve and the copper sleeve must be carried out at about 70 degrees, and the oil holes of the eccentric sleeve and the copper sleeve must be aligned.

  Replacement of copper sleeve with movable cone

  You can see the copper sleeve under the movable cone, but make sure that the inner hole of the movable cone is not damaged. The copper sleeve on the moving cone can be pulled out directly, and can be cooled by dry ice to accelerate the pulling out speed. During installation, dry copper can be used to cool movable cone copper sleeve. It takes at least two hours. After fully cooling, lift the copper sleeve with the hoisting ring. Use a flat washer below the ring to ensure the bottom edge of the copper sleeve and the movable cone. Parallel.

  Replacement of Copper Sleeve for Horizontal Axis

  The outer copper sleeve can be removed by self-made drawing device, while the inner copper sleeve can be removed by hammering through the central rod device. After removing the copper sleeve, it is necessary to check whether the inner hole size of the base is reasonable. When installing copper sleeve for horizontal axle, shrink it with dry ice for at least 2 hours.

  The bearing part of crusher is divided into copper bushing and copper bushing. The purpose of copper sleeve of crusher is to use sliding bearing. The main function is to support the rotating spindle to ensure its normal operation. Its function is to reduce the wear of parts, prevent corrosion and protect large mechanical parts!

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