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Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Speciality Customized Processing

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Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Speciality Customized Processing

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 Sliding bearing (JDB) is a very good choice because of its heavy bearing capacity, bad environment, high wear and tear, and the difficulty of bearing parts replacement. It has the characteristics of both metal bearings and self-sliding bearings. It is a new type of lubricating bearing. It is loaded by metal matrix and lubricated by special formulation of solid lubricating materials.

  It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and strong self-lubrication. It is especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swinging occasions where it is difficult to lubricate and form oil film, and it is also not afraid of erosion and erosion by water and other acid liquids. The majority of users generally reflect that inlaid bearings not only save oil and energy, but also have longer working life than ordinary sliding bearings. At present, the products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous caster, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection moulding machines and other large construction machinery.

  Bochuang Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise integrating production, processing and operation of flange copper sleeve and zinc-based alloy castings. The company will serve you with high-quality products and good reputation. The steel ball rotates with minimal friction resistance, so that the stable motion of high precision bimetallic bearings can be obtained. Linear bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, tension testing machine and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, as well as sliding parts of multi-axis machine tools, punches, tool grinders, active air cutters, printers, card sorters, food packaging machines and other industrial machinery.

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