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The Use of Copper Bars of Different Materials

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The Use of Copper Bars of Different Materials

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 Use of Copper Bar

  Brass rod

  Brass rods are rod-shaped objects made of copper and zinc alloys. They are named for their yellow color. Brass rod has good mechanical and wear resistance. It is mainly used for manufacturing precision instruments, ship parts, shell of gun, automobile parts, medical parts, electrical parts and various mechanical matching materials, automobile synchronizer ring and so on.

  Copper Stick

  Copper is a kind of relatively pure copper, which can be generally considered as pure copper. It has good conductivity and plasticity, but its strength and hardness are worse. At present, copper processing materials in China can be divided into four categories according to their composition: ordinary copper (T1, T2, T3, T4), oxygen-free copper (TU1, TU2 and high purity, vacuum oxygen-free copper), deoxidized copper (TUP), and special copper (arsenic-copper, tellurium-copper, silver-copper) with a small amount of alloy elements. Because the conductivity and thermal conductivity of copper are second only to that of silver, copper rods are mainly used to make conductive and thermal conductive devices.

  Bronze rod

  Bronze bars have high strength and hardness, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, good processing and forming properties, and are widely used in high temperature conductive and wear-resistant parts of electrical equipment. The main applications are: motor rectifier, collector ring, high temperature switch, electrodes of welding machine, rollers, grippers, brake discs, discs and other parts requiring high thermal conductivity, conductivity and heat intensity.

  White copper rod

  Copper rod is a copper alloy with nickel as the main alloy element, and is a continuous solid solution formed by copper and nickel. Common white copper bars have good corrosion resistance, medium strength, high plasticity, cold and hot pressure processing, and good electrical properties. Besides being used as structural materials, they are also important high resistance and thermocouple alloys.

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