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Why is the price preferential for batch copper sets?

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Why is the price preferential for batch copper sets?

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 With the continuous development of the market, the demand for copper sets is also increasing. Now copper sets have occupied a very important position in the market. In terms of price, the price of professional copper sets is much higher than that of mass copper sets. What is the reason?

  First, material selection

  The price of specially manufactured copper sleeves is mainly affected by materials. Most of the materials for mass production of copper sleeves are relatively low-cost materials on the market, which can not meet the needs of consumers in the use effect. However, most of the materials for specially manufactured copper sleeves are materials designated by consumers.

  Second, technical needs

  The price of specially produced copper sets is also affected by technology. The mechanical equipment for mass production of copper sets is often huge. It is impossible to process every copper set that needs to be processed in an all-round way. The equipment for specially produced copper sets can guarantee the processing of every copper piece that needs to be processed.

  Third, product quality

  The price of copper sleeve specially produced is different from that of copper sleeve in batch production. The quality of material selection and the comprehensive processing technology ensure that the product is excellent in quality, high in qualification rate, meet the needs of consumers and ensure the use.

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