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Centrifugal casting method

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Centrifugal casting method

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Centrifugal casting and precision casting belong to special casting. Centrifugal casting is to use centrifugal force to throw liquid metal to the edge of the die and finally shape. Centrifugal casting model is the casting model, which is similar to metal casting, and the casting model is repeatedly used. Precision casting is mainly made of wax pattern, which is coated with refractories of different fineness, melted wax pattern, and then baked at high temperature to form shell pattern. In sand casting, quartz sand is used as the main material, and then joining materials such as clay, resin and sodium silicate are added. The mould is used many times and the casting mould is used once. Centrifugal casting can only produce cylindrical or circular ring castings. Precision casting can only make small castings. Sand casting can produce larger and more complex castings, batch size can be. It can be manufactured in single piece or in large quantities with wide adaptability.
These three casting methods also have slightly different effect in different natural casting methods, so the use effect or price of copper sleeve may be slightly different.

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