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Copper sets manufacturer customized high-quality bronze sets

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Copper sets manufacturer customized high-quality bronze sets

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Oil cylinder is the main component of construction machinery. In the course of using, it often causes faults due to the wear of seals, cylinder wear, inner wall scratch, inner wall corrosion, piston or piston rod scratch, etc. The sealing performance of the coated cylinder of the actuator of hydraulic equipment directly affects the performance of the equipment, especially the larger hydraulic cylinder is affected by its sealing performance. After damage, it is difficult to repair or replace parts and components, and the cost is high. Therefore, the selection of special copper sleeve for hydraulic cylinder is very important.

  The main material of copper sleeve for hydraulic cylinder produced by our factory is tin bronze, which is a bronze with tin as the main alloy element. It has high mechanical properties, wear reduction and corrosion resistance, and is easy to cut. Tin content generally ranges from 3% to 14%, and sometimes phosphorus, lead, zinc and other elements are added. Phosphorus addition can improve fluidity and wear resistance; lead addition can improve machinability and wear resistance; zinc addition can improve casting performance.

  Tin bronze is a non-ferrous metal alloy with small shrinkage, which can be used to produce castings with complex shape, clear outline and low air tightness requirements. Tin bronze is very corrosion resistant in atmosphere, sea water, fresh water and steam, and is widely used in steam boilers and marine parts.

  Tin bronze has good casting, friction reduction and mechanical properties. It is suitable for manufacturing bearings, worm gears and gears with high elastic limit, modulus of elasticity, good wear and corrosion resistance. It is also suitable for manufacturing various elastic components with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good mechanical and technological properties, and can be well welded and brazed. Welding, no spark is produced when impact occurs.

  The tin bronze cast by our factory has various brands and can also be processed and customized according to customers'requirements.

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