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Method of Preventing Slag Formation in Copper sleeve

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Method of Preventing Slag Formation in Copper sleeve

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  Slag inclusion prevention methods:

  1. Strictly according to the reasonable feeding sequence, such as adding aluminum or silicon, the liquid copper needs to be deoxidized first, or after adding alloys with deoxidizing effect and easy to remove oxides from the liquid copper, such as zinc and manganese.

  2. Refining treatment.

  3. Deoxidize at higher superheated temperature and stir carefully.

  4. When casting, the liquid flow should be short. Bottom injection, filter screen, open gate should be adopted to avoid secondary oxidation.

  5. Limit the amount of refining charge and strictly implement the smelting process.

  The company's supporting professional testing equipment, EDX2600H spectrometer, chemical analysis equipment, metal flaw detector, hardness tester, testing machine, strong quality assurance ability, with the production of a variety of high-quality national standards and non-standard products comprehensive ability.

  The company's products include various specifications and models of copper sleeve, copper slide plate, copper tile, copper worm wheel, nut, copper bell, copper nut, rope sleeve, copper pad, copper belt, copper guide sleeve, copper pipe, copper bar and copper alloy products, as well as solid inlaid self-lubricating products according to customer requirements. The company's single pouring weight can reach 1000kg, and the pouring diameter can reach 2000mm.

  The main materials of the company's copper sleeve and large copper sleeve are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, high-strength brass, zinc-based alloy and other non-ferrous metals. The company continues to improve, constantly meet customer requirements, to provide customers with quality and stable products, sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, mutual benefit and win-win, joint development!

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